Henry Poole & Co

Henry Poole & Co occupies the largest of the premises on Savile Row and has at least fifty Royal Warrants to its credit which is thought to be more than any other company in the world. It was Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who was to put Henry Poole on the map. In his 1880 novel Endymion, he spoke of him as being the most fashionable tailor in London.

It is purely bespoke garments that are made on site at Savile Row, however, there are three shops in China and Japan where ready-to-wear plus accessories are sold, albeit with a Royal Warrant free label.


Address:  15 Savile Row, Mayfair, London W1S 3PJ

Telephone:  020 7734 5985

Website:  henrypoole.com

Est:  1806